Meet the team at Woofles Pet Food - Auckland's Best Pet Food Shop

The Quality Control Team

King at Agility King, the head strong black lab, likes to think he's the boss but is put in his place quite frequently by the girls. King's job is to ensure that Woofles fresh meat tastes good no matter what speed it is inhaled at.

Abbey at Agility Abbey-Gail, she is in charge of testing ease of cleaning after a meal. Part of her job requires her to get as much food on her face as possible while eating, and then spend the next couple of hours cleaning it up.

Rusty doing Flygility Rusty, does all the burp and fart testing... if our product is going to make your dog burp or fart, Rusty is very good at letting us know about it.

Lola doing Flygility Lola, is the one who tests the chewability of our product. Taking twice as long to eat as the others, she makes sure that our raw meaty bones give those teeth a nice thorough clean.

Rusty doing FlygilityBoots, is a cat who thinks he is a dog. He loves all of our products even the ones that are slightly too large for him to chew. He is not fussy in the least. We are lucky like that. 

Rocky doing agility

Rocky, is the newest member of the Woofles Quality Control Team. He loves all our food and loves nothing better than to test the food all day long. Well he is a Lab after all.


The Production Team

Shane and Abbey Shane - Pack Leader in Food Production.  Woofles is made on site by us for you.  Shane has extensive knowledge in all aspects of raw feeding.  He has worked tirelessly since 2008 developing all our special Raw Food to make them both palatable and easy to feed and naturally good for your pet.  He is both knowledgable and passionate about Raw feeding. He makes sure all our product is produced to the highest freshest quality every day.

Chris and RockyChris - Our Chef & IT Specialist.  He has a natural passion for K9 Agility and the health of his own dogs is crucial. " Five dogs all raw fed from day one.  Five dogs all fit and healthy with strong joints and bones, essential for endurance and impact sports." Chris says. Chris produces all our point of sale information and Raw Feeding menus to help you get started. He also built and runs our fantastic website and online shop.

Katrina Lund Tangye Katrina - Our Animal Homeopath - In 2009 Katrina joined our team after getting to know us through her own experiences with Raw Feeding her cats and dogs. She brings on board her expertise as a qualified animal homeopath. Over the last few years many of our clients have had successful results from using homeopathic remedies with their pets.

Letitia MorrisonLetitia - Our Contact Care practioner - Letitia is passionate about Natural Animal Health. She has raw Fed her own dogs for a number of years. Letitia is available for both Animal and Human clients. She is also doing extensive work in the equine field with her therapies.   



DianaDiana- Diana got in to raw feeding after owning a dog called Tui, who suffered from grain allergies. Switching to a completely raw diet eased the symptoms and Tui went on to live a life free from itchiness. Diana continues to feed raw to her dogs and is currently transitioning her husband's cats from dry food to a raw diet.

NathanNathan- Joined us in early 2017. Nathan has a slightly sadistic nature and enjoys sharp objects and blood, making him the perfect bansawist, as well as a slight swish in his walk which is why he also has the title of Mincer. 


Jan- Is our shop mother- Every business needs one. She helps us out from time to time. Jan and  her late husband used to foster for Guide Dogs. She has been involved in Woofles pretty much from day one and has Raw Fed for many years.